Sam was born and raised in the heart of Orange County, Santa Ana, California. That's where his interest in cutting hair started at the age of 13. Throughout  high school  he dedicated himself to specializing in fades to make hair flow. Through out the years he also perfected his straight razor and scissor work which is a skill most barbers lack. He has stayed current with new barbershop phases and trends to ensure a quality experience to each individual who comes his way. Many of Sammy’s clients are committed and continue to following him to this day. Customers that have been with him for more than 10 years. Because of this,. Sam has realized that this is no hobby, this is  a lifestyle and his passion. It is the line of work he connects with and wouldn’t have it any other way. Starting out from humble beginnings in his garage to having the privilege at working at Icons Barbershop, whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome in his chair.